We can manufacture event specific items such as Dimmer Racks, Patch bays, LX Bars, Custom Front Panels and much more. With our CNC Mill we ensure all parts are clean and smooth. All parts are designed to exact order specification and installed to your liking.

Power Distribution

We can manufacture custom power distribution racks to provide power to all required areas we favour CEE connectors but others can be used if specified. All our power distribution racks are safe to use and easy to operate.

Amplifier Racks

We can manufacture custom amplifier racks to power your passive PA system. All racks are professionally designed and crafted to your liking.

Custom Panels

We can design and manufacture panels to suit your need for installations. These can include patch bays for dimmers and xlr multicore panels.

Custom Cabling

we make custom length cables to work with any required connectors. Our cables are durable and long lasting

colours of cables