Sound Hire


DB Technologies active line array

Martin W8C full concert system

Proel 5K PA

EV Sx 300

Various smaller systems

Battery Powered 100W systems with radio mics



Active 12″ & 15″ monitors

Martin audio LE400 professional wedges



Midas M32 with Stage boxes

Soundcraft SI-EX3 with Stage Boxes

Yamaha TF5 with Stage Boxes

Soundcraft EPM 8 channel



Radio Mics:

Mipro Act 747 Headset systems

Line 6 2.4g Headset systems

Headset – Lapel – Hand held Mics

Vocal Mics:

SM 58 – SM 57 – SM 56 – E935

Instrument Mics:

Beta 91

AKG D112

Beta 52

E 604

E 906


S- CO2

SC 140

AKG P170



Klark Technik DI22P

Klark Technik DI20P

Klark Technik DI 10A

Klark Technik DN100


Stereo Passive DI


Stands & Accessories

Full range of small – medium and tall K&M stands

K&M Speaker stands

Guitar stands

Music stands


Cables and Multicores

Full range of XLR in 1-2.5-5-7.5 – 10 – 15 – 20 Metre lengths all on Neutrik

Full Range of Speaker cables

8 way stage drops

16A x 4 x 13A Stage power drops